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Reposted from August 29, 2011.

Late one Friday evening as my wife and I were watching a movie (of course), I received a call from a filmmaker friend of mine inviting me to join him and several others in making a short film for the 48 Hour Film Project, in which a group of filmmakers is given a character, a line of dialogue, a prop and 48 hours to make a 4-7 minute short film.

The prerequisites were thus:

Character: Lance Altman
Prop: A ticket
Line of Dialogue: “Please, keep it to yourself.”
Location: San Diego

48 Hour Film Project

Inferno Productionz was the name of the organization with which I was to participate. A genre was drawn at random for each group and Inferno drew comedy. You read that correctly. Not only was I to act for the first time in nearly a decade, I somehow had to be funny.

I had approximately 14 hours before I was to be on set. My first stop was to make-up (you can hardly tell I’m wearing any), followed by a brief introduction to the script (which was still being written), as well as my costar (whom I fortunately already knew).

We shot throughout the afternoon before I had to wrap early. It was a joy to perform again after such a long time away and my costar, Michael Burgess, and I had a wonderful time improvising lines here and there as the day wore on.

So the question remains: am I funny?
The answer: Yes, but looks aren’t everything (rimshot!)

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